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Report is for Jun-06-2024

COUNT ReportID Report Name Date Rank Count Rank Value
1 R0025 R0025_20240514.html 5/14/2024 128 93.86
2 R0026 R0026_20240515.html 5/15/2024 238 95.36
3 R0026 R0026_20240520.html 5/20/2024 144 96.46
4 R0026 R0026_20240522.html 5/22/2024 71 99.49
5 R0027 R0027_20240529.html 5/29/2024 5120 95.56
6 R0018 R0018_20240605.html 6/5/2024 72 2340.14
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